Getting Personal with ADA

So, you’re an architect and you think you know all about ADA…until you’re an injured architect! Up to that point, the American with Disabilities ACT, or ADA, which became the law in 1990, is a list of requirements and guidelines you follow and check off – you consult the manuals, you think these requirements [...]

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Direct Supervision Jail Operations Post COVID-19

Design team professionals understand that existing facilities and newly designed operations will be looking for help to address the myriad of issues surrounding mitigation of exposures and infections from viruses such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  These issues have clearly found their way to the forefront of many collective concerns as our communities, our institutions [...]

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When students eventually return to campus, what will they find?     

Unprecedented changes are taking place on college and university campuses.  We’re in uncharted territory. What role will building design play in mitigating disease transmission - can we change how we design the built environment to make it healthier?  Modern buildings are generally designed to promote social mixing. By promoting interaction and chance encounters, open [...]

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eSports – Game on!

No basketball, no baseball, no hockey, no football, no nothin’ – or wait, maybe there is something… While colleges and universities have had to cancel many live sporting events, eSports and on-line gaming have seen a spike in interest. (In fact, viewership on Twitch, the go-to site for game streamers, is up 31 percent.1) [...]

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Dwell in Possibility

Assessing the potential of campus real estate Colleges and universities today face multiple threats. Simply stated, these threats can be reduced to three categories – cost, competition and demand. Facilities and real estate, when strategically assessed, can provide a roadmap to investment in and harvesting value from an institution’s least-liquid assets. What price knowledge [...]

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JFK Boulevard Given Award from the National Electrical Contractors Association

The NECA Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter recently held its 80th Annual Membership Meeting, where the winners of the NECA Penn-Del-Jersey Project Excellence Awards were recognized and honored. L.R. Kimball, with Prime- Carr & Duff, Inc., is proud to have played a role in the John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridges Rehabilitation Project, which won Street Lighting/Traffic Signal [...]

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Ugly Sweater 5K

L.R. Kimball employees organized our first annual 5K Ugly Sweater Run/Walk in Ebensburg on December 8th to support Toys for Tots. We want to thank everyone who participated and donated a toy for a great cause!  We had over 120 participants and received over 150 toy donations.  We even had a visit from Santa [...]

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The Temple of Design

We in the Philadelphia office were recently privileged to attend a lecture by John Maeda, the forward thinking Chief Experience Officer at Publius Sapient, the technology and consulting arm of communications conglomerate Publicis.  The event was held at Drexel University.  Named as one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st Century by [...]

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A Terrible Thing to Waste

Pathways to Fiscal Stability in Higher Education Wagner University, Foundation Hall Parents want their children to find their passion in college. Students should debate philosophy at 3 AM, compare ancient wars to current conflicts, and recite iambic pentameter too loudly in public. They should also seize the resources of the Career Services [...]

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Incorporating Biophilic Design into Your Projects

Humans spend a significant amount of time indoors, and, unfortunately, our buildings often seem divorced from their surrounding landscape.  Just about everyone has noticed that being outdoors can improve our moods, and just about every study undertaken has proven that interacting with nature has a positive psychological impact on human brains and bodies. First [...]

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