Green Electric Power

  • Photovoltaic generation

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

  • LEED and Sustainable Architecture
  • Plant efficiency & power factor
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • High-efficiency Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning - Geothermal heating/cooling


  • Brownfield site redevelopment
  • Water resources planning and management
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Impact studies and risk assessment

Designing Sustainable Buildings: Incorporating Green Building Design, Lighting & HVAC Management & Maintenance
With every project our team designs, we always strive to include sustainable design principles, even if LEED Certification is not the Client’s goal. While LEED certification may not be the goal, consideration will still be given to LEED strategies, and attention will be given to conforming to appropriate ASHRAE standards. Our team’s full architectural and engineering capabilities allow us to provide in-house integrated systems design, a process mandated by the pursuit of green buildings.

L.R. Kimball strives to include the following sustainable design principles in all of our building projects where possible:

  • Use of daylighting to improve the work environment
  • Energy modeling software - determines energy consumption versus first cost and maintenance costs for potential systems
  • Utilize energy recovery - to minimize the utility usage for building
  • Design high efficient LED lighting fixtures and lighting control systems - use “manual on, automatic off” technology along with timing systems that best control lighting fixtures, limits wasted usage, while maintaining the required security needs
  • ASHRAE 90.1 energy code requirements - HVAC and lighting power efficiencies
  • Design with maintenance in mind – incorporate designs that minimize costly maintenance and maximize life cycles based on cost analysis
  • Utilization of solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy where possible – determined by site conditions, building requirements, first cost, etc., and whether these solutions are a benefit.

Sustainably Designed Projects

Our team includes LEED® Accredited professionals on staff within Architecture and Mechanical, Plumbing, and Civil Engineering disciplines. We’ve completed over 2 million square feet and over $325 million in construction value of LEED Certified projects including the following project, completed in 2016:

Middlesex County College - Science Hall Building
Edison, NJ

LEED Gold Level certification

“Overall Middlesex County College had a very successful experience working with L.R. Kimball and our students are now benefiting from their work.”
- Donald R. Drost, Jr., Executive Director, Facilities Management

Sheetz, Inc. New Headquarters & Operations - Support Center
Claysburg, PA

Sustainability designed however the client chose not to pursue LEED Certification

  • The exterior wall is constructed of metal stud framing over which an exterior insulation system was installed to eliminate thermal bridging.
  • The skin of the building consists of fiber cement architectural wall panels, natural stone veneer, and aluminum curtain wall.
  • High efficiency condensing boilers rated
    at 95% efficiency were used, resulting in energy savings and less discharge to the atmosphere.
  • High-efficiency commercial water heaters are able to sustain 96% thermal efficiency over the lifetime of the equipment.

“This building is phenomenal; we are so happy to add it to what we can now call a campus,” said President and CEO Joe Sheetz at the ribbon-cutting event. “We wanted a building that was modern and has longevity to it, and we wanted something more collaborative and open. The idea of what a workplace should look like has changed. You need a lot of energy and light. That is what members of today’s workforce want and demand.”

LEED Certified Projects 

Southeast Regional Office Building
Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection
Norristown, PA
105,000 SF
LEED® Gold Certified
California Regional Office Building
Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection
California, PA
21,000 SF
LEED® Gold Certified
Cambria Regional Office Building
Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection
Ebensburg, PA
36,000 SF
LEED® Gold Certified
Clearview Elementary School
Hanover Public School District
Hanover, PA
43,450 SF
LEED® V2.0 Gold Certified
Select Medical Health
Education Pavilion
Harrisburg Area Community College
Harrisburg, PA
48,000 SF
LEED® V2.1 Gold
Rec Hall Wrestling and
Student Fitness Center
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
19,794 SF - Addition
28,587 SF - Renovations
LEED® V2.1 Gold
New South Hall Science Building
Middlesex County College
19,794 SF - Addition
28,587 SF - Renovations
LEED® Gold Certified
Multi-Tenant Office Building
The Greater Johnstown
Technology Park
Johnstown, PA
93,700 SF
LEED® CS 2.0 Silver
Career and Technology Education
Centers of Licking County
Newark, OH
329,144 SF
LEED® V2.1 Silver
Twin Valley Elementary Center
Twin Valley School District
Elverson, PA
71,650 SF
LEED® V2.1 Silver
New Operations Control Center
US Airways, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
72,000 SF
LEED® NC 2.2 Certified
Armed Forces Reserve Center
and Field Maintenance Shop
Pennsylvania Department
of General Services
Williamsport, PA
75,000 SF
LEED® NC 2.2 Silver
Medlar Field at Lubrano Park
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
152,194 SF
LEED® V2.1 Certified
One of the first LEED® Certified
Ballparks in the Nation
Softball Field
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
41,000 SF
LEED® Certified
Office and Maintenance Facility
Pennsylvania Department
of Transportation
Ridgway, PA
19,360 SF
LEED® V2.1 Certified
Chatham County Detention Center
Campus Expansion and Renovation
Savannah, GA
260,690 SF - Expansion
70,700 SF - Renovation
LEED® Certified
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