Project Description


Williamsport Regional Airport – Imaging Services (UAS)
Williamsport, PA

In support of pavement design and rehabilitation, L.R. Kimball UAS pilots George Kopchik and Ken Smithmyer used our DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone to conduct low-altitude flyovers covering Taxiways B and H at the Williamsport Regional Airport.  The UAS operation was completed after the pilots secured the proper FAA waivers and authorizations that were necessary to conduct the flight safely and within FAA regulations within the controlled Class D airspace.  The flight was strictly controlled and the pilots were in constant communication with the control tower before, during, and after the flight.

L.R. Kimball Geospatial staff incorporated the aerial images and specialized software to create high-resolution color digital orthophotos and L.R. Kimball Aviation Engineers will now use the high-resolution orthophotos as a resource to support the engineering and design activities associated with the taxiway rehabilitation project.

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