Project Description


Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport – Taxiways Rehabilitation
Avoca, PA

The L.R. Kimball Team completed the design and permitting for a project to rehabilitate Taxiways B and D (West).  The project consisted of several phases of work:

  • Rehabilitate Taxiway D (West) and Construct Paved Shoulders
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway B North of RW 10-28
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway B South from Taxiway A1 through Taxiway A2
  • Reconstruct Taxiway B from Taxiway A2 to Taxiway B4, including Reconstruction of Taxiway B3
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway B from Taxiway B4 to Runway 10-28
  • Regrade the Old Runway 16-34 Crossing of Runway 4-22

Work on the project included complete pavement evaluation for the taxiways to determine areas that required full-depth repair.  A complete milling of the pavement surface will be conducted, and then all cracks will be sealed.  A bituminous leveling course will be placed, followed by the application of paving fabric, will be applied on top of the leveling course to prevent crack migration.  Finally, a 2” overlay will be placed, on top of the leveling course to prevent crack mitigation.  New taxiway edge lighting and signage will be installed and new pavement markings will be applied, including thermoplastic surface painted hold signs.  New drainage structures will be installed between Runway 4-22 and Taxiway B and between Runway 10-28 and Taxiway D, and all drainage piping under the taxiways will be replaced with new plastic or concrete piping to eliminate all of the existing corrugated metal piping.

A new NPDES Permit was acquired from the Luzerne County Conservation District for the project and approvals from the local municipalities were obtained to allow for the construction.  A very detailed Construction Safety and Phasing Plan was prepared and approved by the Airport, the Airlines and the FAA to allow for phased construction.

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