Project Description


Washington Country Airport – Obstruction Removal
Washington County, PA

L.R. Kimball will be completing the  design, permitting, and bidding phase services for the removal of the existing Obstructions to the Runway 9-27 Approaches which were not completed in the previous phases.  Those previous phases focused primarily on addressing obstructions to the Runway 9 nighttime instrument approach.  Obstruction removal for this phase of work will take place on and off Airport Property. Obstructions were identified as a part of the Obstruction Study completed by L.R Kimball in 2017 and the recent 5010 inspections completed by the PennDOT Bureau of Aviation. Additionally, there are several obstructions located off-airport property (5 property owners) for which aerial easements will be drafted in order to obtain access to remove these obstructions. The project will be bid for on airport work to occur first while easements are negotiated by the County for off-airport properties.  The off- airport properties will be added to the project construction as easements are obtained.

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  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Bidding