Project Description


US Airways Operation Control Center
Pittsburgh, PA

L.R. Kimball completed the new Operations Control Center building, which is a one-story structure of approximately 72,000 gross square feet. The building plan consists of a central core housing the Operations Floor surrounded on three sides by support spaces.

The US Airways Operations Control Center is a LEED® NC 2.2 Certified building. The roof is a 2-ply modified bitumen system with a reflective white cap sheet to reduce solar heat gain in the summer months. For optimal thermal efficiency, the exterior wall system consists of insulated precast concrete with a minimum R-value of R-33, well above the code required minimum. The glazing systems are thermally broken storefront and window systems using 1” insulated, tinted glazing with a low-E coating. The raised access floor system serves as an air plenum for the HVAC system with strategically placed floor diffusers to allow for maximum user control. The main Operations Floor has clerestory windows that provide natural daylighting, thereby minimizing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Critical to the owner’s around-the-clock, world-wide operations and the lives of its clients, this building’s design included complex, redundant systems to maintain building operations. Multiple, paralleled Utility Services from different sub-stations were designed for normal operations, which were then backed up by multiple, paralleled standby generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for emergency operations. Redundant HVAC systems were also provided and zoned to provide maximum thermal comfort and system cooling for the critical systems required for continued building operations.

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