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Revloc Waste Water Treatment Plant Corrective Action Plan

L.R. Kimball was hired to assist the CTSA with the development of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for the portion of the system flowing to the Revloc WWTP.  The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) put the CTSA under notice to address the hydraulic overloading condition at the Revloc WWTP.  The CAP documented the existing conditions, summarized existing problems and established an approach to study and correct the overload condition.  A master schedule for the completion of the necessary system improvements was provided.

Revloc Waste Water Treatment Plant Flow Monitoring

L.R. Kimball was hired to assist the CTSA with the compilation and evaluation of the flow monitoring data collected by the CTSA in the Revloc WWTP Sanitary Sewer System.  Flow data was obtained from seven flow meters, four pump stations, and the WWTP master meter.  This information assist to locate Inflow and Infiltration problems within the collection system.  The analysis provided the basis for additional studies being performed to further isolate the problem areas within the collection system.  The Mylo Park Sanitary Sewer Improvement and CSO Elimination Project ultimately was performed to address the inflow and infiltration problems.

Revloc Waste Water Treatment Plant Hydraulic Evaluation

To comply with the CAP plan and address the hydraulic overload conditions at the Revloc WWTP, L.R. Kimball performed an evaluation of the plant design capacity and pump stations.  The evaluation identified that the SBR process of the Revloc WWTP could be rerated to increase the plant capacity to 500,000 GPD from 400,000 GPD to assist in addressing the overload conditions.  L.R. Kimball obtained the permitting agency approval for the plant rerating by providing an Engineering Report with supporting computations.  Permit documentation for the increased rating was submitted with the next National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) renewal application.  The rerating did not require any construction or addition of equipment which in turn saved the authority nearly 4 Million dollars.

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Project – Maple Avenue

L.R. Kimball planned, designed, sought funding, and provided construction engineering for the joint sanitary sewer and storm sewer project.  A 10” sanitary sewer and a 42” storm sewer were installed in the same oversized trench to provide a new main line sanitary sewer for future replacement of the sanitary sewers within Mylo Park.  The storm sewer and inlets were installed to collect and convey storm water safely down Maple Avenue to eliminate serious flooding of properties and basements.  The project was funded using both stormwater and wastewater PENNVEST loans.

Sanitary Sewer Replacement

L.R. Kimball was hired to design new sanitary sewers to replace existing sanitary sewers in specific areas of the Revloc and the Colver Sanitary Systems in Cambria Township, Pennsylvania.  The new sewers were proposed to remove extraneous water that was entering the sanitary sewer system creating hydraulic overloads to the sanitary sewer collection and treatment systems.  Work included the preparation of topographic mapping for the project areas, Preliminary Design, Final Design, permit application preparation, construction bid package, and bidding services.   Construction funding was through the CDBG program administered by the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority.  L.R. Kimball prepared updates of the sanitary sewer maps for the Revloc System and Colver System.

Sanitary Sewer Improvements – Mylo Park

The CTSA was order by the PADEP to eliminate the Mylo Park Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) within their Revloc System.  Due to the poor condition of the terra-cotta sanitary sewer and wet weather flows determined by the flow monitoring, a new sanitary sewer system was installed with new laterals from the structures served to eliminate and remove non-sewage flows from the sanitary sewer.  The old sewer system was converted to a stormwater system.  L.R. Kimball provided preliminary engineering, final design, construction drawings, construction specifications, cost estimates, bid documents, permit application preparation, funding source application, funding loan closing assistance, bidding services, engineering services during construction, construction inspection, project close-out, as-built drawings, and funding source administration.  The project reduced wet weather flows to allow the elimination of the Mylo Park CSO and eliminate hydraulic overloading conditions in the downstream interceptor, pump station and Revloc WWTP.  The project was funded using a PENNVEST loan.

Colver Waste Water Treatment Upgrade

L.R. Kimball performed an alternatives analysis to address the hydraulic overloading conditions at the Colver Treatment Plant.  We evaluated various treatment technologies and sanitary sewer system replacement.  L.R. Kimball developed capital, total project costs, O&M, present worth analysis and user rate estimation.  The upgrade increased the hydraulic capacity from 150,000 gpd to 275,000 gpd. The treatment plant was converted to a Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) process within in the existing tanks and Ultra Violet disinfection replace gas chlorination. Services included topographic mapping, Preliminary Design, Final Design, permit application preparation, construction bid package, and bidding services, construction contract administration, and construction inspection.  PENNVEST funding was secured for the project.

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