Project Description


U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Training Facility
Elizabethtown, NC

This project consisted of full design and documentation services for a new one-story Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Training Facility with two separate pool areas and various support spaces.   One Olympic-sized pool was designated for training the rescue swimmers; the other UMET (Underwater Modular Egress Trainer) pool is smaller, but has a motorized crane which holds a mock-up of an aircraft fuselage and is used to train pilots, etc. to exit the aircraft if it goes down at sea.

The building is located on the Coast Guard base station in Elizabeth City, NC.   The team was established as a design/build team with three main parties (The Oak Group – HUB Zone partner, L.R. Kimball – Designer, and Henderson, Inc. – Builder).

L.R. Kimball was responsible for the design of the facility and subcontracted the pool design and electrical engineering to other consulting firms.  Survival Systems, Inc. (SSI), another team member, was responsible for the design of the specialized systems required in the pool area.   SSI was hired directly by The Oak Group to provide these services, but coordinated with the rest of the design team.   L.R. Kimball also provided civil engineering services for the site. Crawford Consulting Services was contracted directly with the Coast Guard to provide cost estimating services.

The design/build team was selected due to their responsiveness to the client and understanding of the complexities of the project.  The design team selected material and methods of construction that would withstand the harsh environment of the chlorinated pools and nearby sea water, as well as, provide a low maintenance facility so the occupants can focus on their mission.  Additionally, the materials utilized, also allowed for contractors to fast-track the project to ensure that they would meet the stated schedule, which was critical to the client.

This project is currently pursuing LEED Silver Level Certification.

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