Project Description


Port Meadville Airport Obstruction Study
Meadville, PA

The project included obstruction surveys/airport airspace analysis for Runway 7-25 and a subsequent Obstruction Study at the Port Meadville Airport. Obstructive features were collected photogrammetrically using newly acquired aerial photography and ground control. The color aerial photography was acquired in leaf-on conditions and was sufficient to allow for the photogrammetric collection of visible planimetric features and terrain data to generate contours at 2-foot vertical intervals.

L.R. Kimball also performed field surveys and feature attribution. Verification of PACS and SACS was completed along with the geodetic ground control point surveys and other features as appropriate.  This project also included an Obstruction Study to identify obstructions to the Runway Approaches and to prioritize the acquisition of necessary avigation easements and the removal of the obstructions to provide safer approaches to each runway end.

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  • Obstruction Surveys
  • Airport/Airspace Analysis