Project Description


New Elementary Schools, Plum Borough School District, Plum, PA

Following the completion of the District-Wide Facility Study which was done by L.R. Kimball, the Plum Borough School District commissioned the firm to design a new elementary school to replace an aging facility. The new 74,000 SF Pivik Elementary School, with a student capacity of 725 in grades K-6, features a compact, two-story floor plan that separates the building into academic wings for various grade levels while providing common core areas such as the library, gymnasium, and cafeteria.

The program eliminated all redundancies and introduced an operational model for multitasking spaces that provided the greatest educational benefit for the allocated budget. The design reduced costs while providing attractive, functional spaces for the students and community.

The project exceeded expectations, prompting the Board to reconsider plans to renovate the District’s two other older elementary schools. The new school design was so successful that the Board utilized the prototype design to build two additional schools: Holiday Park and Regency Park.

Although both Regency Park and Holiday Park had very different sites, the prototype Pivik plan proved to be a nimble platform that could be adjusted to be both site and context specific.  All schools reflected the character of the community and resulted in significant operating efficiencies for the Plum School District.

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