Project Description


PennDOT On-Call Drilling Contract
Various Locations, PA

After District 10-0’s Engineering Department was unable to find a contractor capable of providing drilling services to aid in the design of a new bridge spanning Pony Farm Road on SR 422, they enlisted their Geotechnical Department to help.  Our main contact at their department contacted L.R. Kimball to inform us of the challenges of this project and their Engineering Department’s struggles to get the drilling done.  The main issue was that the drilling contractor needed to be able to access four of the boring locations on 2:1 slopes.  This would require specialized equipment and expertise.

Securing a 8,000 pound drill rig to a slope with that incline is no easy task! .  Along with providing stable conditions for the machine, we also had to ensure that the area for the employees operate around the drill was safe and secure as well.  As our drilling group is diverse and experienced, we had a suitable rig and crew to meet this challenge.  Our staff anchored our rig using auger sets and preceded to lower the rig to the hole locations, where we cleared and cribbed it level for operation, completing the sampling program safely and successfully.  We credit the ability of our staff and the diversity of our fleet with the success of this interesting project.

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