Project Description


MobiNil Headquarters – Office fit-out for Egypt’s largest mobile carrier
Cairo, Egypt

MobiNil, Egypt’s premier mobile communications provider, moved into newly designed corporate headquarters of 280,000 SF in a new office tower located in the Nile City corporate office development overlooking the Nile River.  The design goal was to modernize MobiNil’s corporate image by designing spaces that would support the 21st century needs of the company.  A bold interior design, contemporary patterns and materials, complemented by unique architecture, definitely gives MobiNil a decidedly more contemporary look.

The new offices are located on seven floors: four contiguous floors located on the top floors of the office tower, and three floors located within the base of the building.  Specific focus was given to the 130,000 SF second floor, which had very few windows or architectural features.

The design approach for the second floor was to create an interior corridor that would organize the space for employees and visitors, as well as provide an architectural focus.  Materials, lighting, and other components were developed that would visually link the department and shared facilities, including an employee lunchroom, a conference center and training facilities.  To compensate for the limited number of window, interior views were developed that would give the impression of openness and light, augmented by the use of interior lighting, and planted areas, where employees could gather, were provided throughout the floor.

Architectural treatments and concepts developed for this floor were then adapted for other floors and functions, including the main entrance, sales areas, and executive areas, so that the entire office space is cohesively designed.

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*This project was completed by L.R. Kimball employees prior to joining L.R. Kimball