Project Description


Middlesex County Community College

Built between 1966 and 1970, Middlesex County College’s biology and chemistry labs located in Main Hall and L’Hommedieu Hall had reached their life expectancy and commissioned L.R. Kimball to design a new Science Building.  The new two-story, 35,000 square foot South Hall Science Building features 7 biology labs, 5 chemistry labs and 2 general science labs.

Designed to foster collegiality, corridor spaces are minimized to lend a strong sense of community and ample areas for collaboration.  The L-shaped building’s courtyard space creates a new campus green. A two-story atrium at the intersection of the buildings becomes a glowing lantern at night, giving the building a strong identity.

Collegiate red brick was utilized as the major material with light stone accents introduced to add scale and detail.  To achieve LEED Gold status, the building features an abundance of natural light for both user well-being and as a means of reducing energy costs for lighting.  Shaded glass on the South, East, and West facades minimize solar gain within the building, thereby reducing energy costs.

Upon completion of the South Hall Science Building, a new link was added to connect to the repurposed labs for the Allied Health programs in L’Hommedieu Hall.

“Middlesex County College had a very successful experience working with L.R. Kimball and our students are now benefiting from their work.”
Donald R. Drost, Jr.

Executive Director, Facilities Management

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