Project Description


Windber Research Institute – Laboratory and Multi-Tenant Office Building
Windber, PA

The Windber Research Institute laboratory and multi-tenant office building contains 31,220 square feet consisting of 22,720 square feet of laboratory and administration space, 3,000 square feet of office area for Windber Professional Services (WPS), and approximately 5,500 square feet of tenant space.  Primary functions included in the laboratory portion of the project include a Tissue Bank, Proteomics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics. Core functions include a constant temperature room, a sample receiving room, a sample extraction room, and a dark room as well as space for Histology, Mass Spectroscopy, Central Stores, Central Core Equipment, Central Glass Wash, Laser Capture, and Tissue Culture.

The building relates to the sloping site with its three levels stepping back from Somerset Avenue.  The lowest level houses WPS and the tenant space.  Entrance to the building occurs at the main or middle level from the alley to take advantage of the site with a 16’-8” floor-to-floor height from the lowest level.  This height provides the ability to distribute utilities under the lab floor and the flexibility of possibly expanding laboratory space into the lower floor as the Research Institute grows.  The administration level overlooks the main lab floor through glazing.  While the offices are private, the secretarial areas are open balconies to the floor below. There are many opportunities to place planters to create a natural-feeling “green space”.

The building is a steel-frame structure with exposed painted steel in the lab space.  Ductwork and sprinkler piping is exposed as well.  Interior partitions are metal stud and drywall construction.  General lighting is accomplished by pendant fixtures and task lighting occurs at the workstations and lab counters.  The building includes a large amount of glass in the form of window-walls, dormers, and clerestory glazing.  The glazing allows natural light into the main areas of the building as well as affords views from the workspaces.  Exterior finishes are ground-face concrete block, metal panel, and standing seam metal on the sloped roof.

Facility Planning and Resources, Inc. provided laboratory consulting services.

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