Project Description


PA Turnpike Commission – KEGG Maintenance Facility
Manns Choice, Bedford County, PA

The Kegg Maintenance Facility is comprised of a maintenance building, truck shelter, fuel island, miscellaneous storage sheds, and open yard facilities for vehicle parking and material storage for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC). L.R. Kimball first completed a feasibility study which was limited to the maintenance building and truck shelter. The existing maintenance building and truck shelter are pre-engineered metal framed buildings. The maintenance building, constructed in the 1980s, required interior renovations, and the canopy enclosure building, which was added in 1992, required enclosures with roll-up doors. The truck shelter facility, constructed in 2004, required a heating system and building insulation for exterior enclosures. The feasibility study included critical code and energy-related information, a line item cost estimate, and design/construction schedules. The results of the study enabled the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to make long-term and prioritized decisions for a design and construction project. This approach accelerated the overall project schedule because decisions were made during the approval process for the feasibility study.

As a result of the feasibility study, additions and renovations to the Kegg Maintenance Facility, located at Mile Marker 132, involved interior renovations of the administrative areas, restrooms, and office spaces; demolition of existing garage bays; and construction of a new pre-engineered garage building with additional bays.

As part of the administrative area renovations, the PTC requested an enlarged lunch room which also serves as a meeting room and contains two additional work spaces for traveling PTC staff.  The new maintenance garage addition contains two larger repair bays which are twice the size of the original space, support spaces for vehicle maintenance, a vehicle wash bay, and a storage bay.

This project was completed as a Work Order under an Open-End Contract with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

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