Project Description


Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Pedestrian Bridge – Aerial Drone Imagery
Swissvale, PA

L.R. Kimball provided two FAA licensed UAS pilots to provide UAS (Drone) Photography services of the Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Pedestrian Bridge. The aerial inspection consisted of recording high-resolution video footage over the top of the span and at several elevations along the entire lengths of the eastern and western sides.  L.R. Kimball also photographed the bridge deck from underneath.  L.R. Kimball also recorded imagery of the pillars that support the bridge.

During the mission, the pilot flew the drone directly over the bridge and on each side of the bridge in order to obtain imagery. This imagery will be used as a preliminary data source to identify potential problem areas where additional bridge inspection will be necessary.  It will also provide a visual aid to engineers and other project personnel as they prepare plans to rehabilitate the structure.

George Kopchik, our FFA Certified Drone Pilot had this to say about the project, “The project is interesting because it allowed us to use the drone for something outside of our Geospatial discipline. This particular mission provided support to our bridge inspectors as they carried out preliminary investigations of the structure safely and with less cost to our client. Flying over water also added a degree of anxiety that we typically don’t experience on a routine mapping or survey flight.


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