Project Description


Water Treatment Plant – Backwash Settling Tanks
Gallitzin, PA

L.R. Kimball performed an evaluation of the backwash storage at the WTP.  The selected alternative was to construct two concrete storage tanks to provide approximately 38,000 gallons of wastewater storage and settling volume prior to discharge to the sanitary sewer.  Services included surveying, planning, design, bidding, engineering during construction, and construction inspection for the addition of these wastewater pretreatment facilities.  The settling tanks provide great flexibility in plant operations.  This project was completed in 2014 within the project schedule and within budget.

Water Treatment Plant – Clarifier and Filter Rehabilitation Evaluation
Gallitzin, PA

L.R. Kimball performed an evaluation of the water treatment plant ballasted clarifiers (2) and mixed media sand filters (2).  The units are over 25 years old, the steel tanks have coating failures, clarifier media is worn with mineral coating, and the filter media is original.  The evaluation compared the cost to rehab the existing clarifier and filter units with valve/actuator replacement; rehab the existing clarifier and filter units, update the control system, add air scour to the filters, and replace valves/actuators; or provide new replacement units.  The evaluation resulted in the selection of the rehab and upgrade option.  This alternative will include the recoating of the clarifier and filter tanks, new control system, new clarifier ballast media, new filter media, filter air scour system, new control valves and actuators for the treatment equipment.  The information and cost estimate is currently being used to seek grant funding for this water treatment plant improvement project.

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