Project Description


Frankfurt International School – The DaVinci Building and Master Plan
Frankfurt, Germany

Increased enrollment and curriculum expansion placed a demand on existing  educational space, necessitating a study of how best to solve these needs while preserving the integrity of the elementary and upper school areas. The school also looked for solutions to auto and bus traffic flow concerns, service difficulties, the lack of an adequate performance venue, and inadequate sports fields.

Through a very interactive planning process that included a tremendous amount of input and cooperation with school representatives at all levels, key planning objectives were identified. Overall, the Master Plan met the school’s ambitious objectives to improve the functionality of the campus, to boldly transform its image, and to achieve the objectives through manageable phasing of improvements.

The DaVinci Building was an outgrowth of these objectives: combining Science and the Arts, not only did the new building provide much needed state of the art classrooms, labs and practice spaces, the building encourages the cross-pollinization of these disparate disciplines.  The building fills in the edge of the campus and creates a new edge to the playing fields.

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*This project was completed by L.R. Kimball employees prior to joining L.R. Kimball