Project Description


Fairview Road

L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc. provided aerial photography and digital topographic mapping of the Fairview Road site. L.R. Kimball acquired new aerial photography at a nominal negative scale of 1”=330’.  The client undertook the required ground control surveys.  Client received one set of 9” x 9” contact prints.   For their use in the field, L.R. Kimball provided a set of aerial photographs to indicate our horizontal and vertical control needs or five locations were pre-paneled with ground targets prior to the aerial mission.  After receipt of the ground control data, L.R. Kimball compiled topographic mapping for a scale of 1”=50’ with a two foot contour interval using digital terrain methodology (DTM).  Client received one set of paper check plots at a scale of 1”=100’, one set of  30” x 40” mylar sheets and one set of AutoCAD compatible digital data.

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