Project Description


EDS – Woodcrest Corporate Center Offices Renovation
Cherry Hill, NJ

When EDS moved 1,000 employees into a newly renovated former steel plant, the design challenge was to humanize the vast scale of the former factory.

To create an open plan call center of 150,000 SF on the ground floor and another 50,000 SF on the mezzanine level, the designers adopted the metaphor of a small town.  The visitor’s entrance, which is the main reception and security access point of the office, opens onto Main Street in the call center.  Thu=is major circulation spine connects with the center’s neighborhoods: carpeting and colors dine the specific neighborhood sand areas.  At the heart of each neighborhood is a brightly painted village center with a sky-lit café.  Surrounding each café are support functions including conference rooms, pantries, copy rooms, and visitors’ offices, as well as the building’s core utilities and functions.

Central to the facility – and to creating a fun lively respite – is the Town Center, which includes a full-service cafeteria, private dining room, and a two-story lunch area with café style dining under palm trees and umbrellas, all positioned under an expansive skylight. Within this “small town”, big business takes place.

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*This project was completed by L.R. Kimball employees prior to joining L.R. Kimball