Project Description


Southeast PA Regional Task Force & The City of Philadelphia
Delaware Valley Intelligence Center
Philadelphia, PA

The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC) is an All-Crime/All-Hazard/All-Threats Information Fusion Center established by the Philadelphia Police Department and the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Task Force to collect, analyze, and disseminate data and intelligence to its constituent members. The beneficiaries of the analysis include public safety, military, healthcare, transportation, industrial, maritime, governmental, institutional, utility, and public agency groups within the four states and twelve counties surrounding and including Philadelphia. The 47,500 square foot facility is located in an adaptively reused former Defense Logistics site in South Philadelphia. L.R. Kimball was responsible for the site, facility design, and engineering, interiors and furniture selection, and the accommodation for all systems and electronics.

The facility is futureproof, flexible in arrangement, expandable, and will accommodate an additional 75 staff in reaction to a planned or unexpected event. The facility has the capability of uninterrupted operation facilitated by full-facility emergency power, connectivity to two power grids, and bunking quarters for extended event management. The Secure Room Suite has been constructed to satisfy the requirements of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) should that need arise in the future and the operation of the DVIC necessitates the location of that asset where it now stands. In that case, a replacement Secure Room would be constructed, reflecting a level of function most attuned to the mission of the DVIC. The facility provides lockers, a café, interaction areas, conference and training rooms, interview rooms, offices, and secure file storage.

In concert with the development of the DVIC, L.R. Kimball programmed and designed to a conceptual level the new Philadelphia Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  Initially envisioned to be constructed immediately below the DVIC, the City included the new EOC as part of a public safety campus being developed in West Philadelphia.

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