Project Description


Cambria Somerset Authority
Johnstown, PA

For the past 13 years, L.R. Kimball has provided professional services as required for the Cambria Somerset Authority, for not only their 5 dams, but also the many miles of water supply pipelines owned and operated by the Authority.  In addition, L.R. Kimball was involved in several special projects, including the preparation of NPDES permit applications and the design of conservation releases at the Wilmore, Quemahoning, Hinckston, South Fork, and Border Dams.

L.R. Kimball personnel have also provided the following services:

  • Concrete rehabilitation inspection and design of remedial measures (for Quemahoning spillway)
  • Stream bank erosion studies (for Que outlet channel and entrance road to Wilmore Dam)
  • Design, permitting and oversite of repairs to the Wilmore Dam masonry embankment
  • Field observations and site inspections (inspection of 4 dams plus site-specific inspections)
  • Literature searches (for all 5 dams, each up to 100 years old)
  • E&S control plans (for Wilmore Dam entrance road project & Wilmore conservation release)
  • NPDES application (for 3 separate conservation releases)
  • Design of processes for discharge compliance (design of conservation releases for 5 locations)
  • Studies and documentation to comply with Federal environmental and cultural resource issues (Wilmore Dam access road)
  • Surface water sampling and analytical testing at conservation release sites
  • Hazardous, toxic & radioactive waste (HTRW) studies (Que and Hinckston intake lead paint investigations)
  • Conducting studies and developing reports pertaining to flood control (EAP and breach analyses for 3 dams)
  • Ecosystem restoration (access road to Wilmore Dam)
  • Risk assessments

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