Project Description


H2L2 has guided Bucknell University in setting a clear direction for future growth and development, with comprehensive planning services that were strategic, encompassing conceptual planning, and also specific, such as determining Architectural Design Guidelines. The university commissioned H2L2 to prepare a Campus Development Plan focusing on site planning, circulation, parking, campus image, and appearance. Each section of the plan is based on an analysis of existing conditions and prioritizes H2L2’s recommendations and solutions.

The plan simultaneously addresses present and future conditions on campus. All critical features were individually mapped and inventoried, including natural features, circulation patterns, building use, signage, and parking. Special attention was given to proposed sites for new campus buildings. Options were presented and analyzed according to their relationship to the overall campus fabric. As a companion piece to the plan, H2L2 developed Design Guidelines for the university to use as a framework for future architectural and landscape projects.

As part of this project, H2L2 prepared an extensive Space Utilization Study. Its purpose was to examine how the university used its facilities, to identify those at or approaching capacity, and to determine the most efficient use for all non-residential spaces. In particular, the study provided a thorough analysis of classroom and laboratory utilization patterns and recommended varied solutions for optimizing their use.

Bucknell President Brian Mitchell, quoted in an issue of the campus magazine dedicated to the plan, said: “The Master Plan is a living, evolving blueprint, which needs to be both strong enough to follow and flexible enough to modify. It is an expression of what the university is – a statement to the world of who we are and what we value.”

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*This project was completed by L.R. Kimball employees prior to joining L.R. Kimball