Project Description


The Blumberg Revitalization Demolition
Philadelphia, PA

L.R. Kimball was responsible for the preparation of demolition plans, specifications and As-Built survey for the demolition of two 18 story towers and 15 low rise apartment buildings known as the Norman Blumberg Apartments located at 22nd Street and Jefferson Street within the City of Philadelphia.  This project included the implosion of the two towers.  Maser Consulting prepared the permitting documentation for the project as a sub-consultant to L.R. Kimball.  This work was part of a revitalization project by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

The Norman Blumberg Apartments in North Philadelphia date back to the 1960s. The dense, 8-acre site contains 499 units in two 18-story towers, a 13-story senior citizen high-rise, and 15 low-rise buildings. While PHA has invested heavily to maintain the property in a decent, safe and sanitary condition, Blumberg (and most high-rise low-income family developments nationally) has been widely viewed as a failure of planning and an obstacle to neighborhood renewal.

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