Project Description


PA 26/36 Culvert Replacement
Hopewell Township, PA

The PA 26/36 Culvert Replacement Project is located along S.R. 0026 and S.R. 0036 in Hopewell Township, Bedford County, PA approximately 5.0 miles west of Hopewell.  The project setting consists of rural scattered residential dwellings, two commercial businesses, and an agricultural property listed on the National Register of Historic Places known as the Henry Clapper Farm (Section 4(f) resource).

The project involved replacing four existing single-span structures over Unnamed Tributaries to Yellow Creek with new precast concrete box culverts.  Three of the culverts are located along S.R. 0026 and one is located along S.R. 0036.  In addition to the structure replacements, S.R. 0026 and S.R. 0036 within the project limits were reconstructed to meet current design criteria thus providing a safer travel way.  The S.R. 0026 and S.R. 0036 intersection safety was also improved by widening the S.R. 0026 roadway template to include a left turn lane along the eastbound approach, and also by increasing the pavement turning radii at the intersection to accommodate large trucks.  Other design measures for the project included new drainage systems, temporary road, and stream crossings, guide rail meeting current standards, and utility relocations.

The rural setting of the project was not conducive to utilizing a state road detour route.  Therefore, traffic was maintained utilizing three temporary road and stream crossings to construct the proposed culverts and adjacent full depth roadway reconstruction.  The temporary road and stream crossings were designed to minimize temporary impacts to properties, especially the Section 4 (f) resource, which encompassed most of the eastern portion of the project.  Construction began in Spring 2019 and was complete by late summer 2020.


  • Bridge & Structure Design
  • Highway Design
  • Traffic Engineering & Design
  • Environmental