Project Description


219 W. High Street Office Building
Ebensburg, PA

L.R. Kimball provided architectural and engineering services for the conversion of an existing two-story hardware store with a basement into leased space on the first floor and a L.R. Kimball Corporate Conference Center on the second floor.  The  L.R. Kimball Conference Center houses toilet facilities, a large meeting/conference space, and a separate conference room.

A lack of routine maintenance left the structure in a neglected state for many years. Water had infiltrated the many portions of the structure and began deteriorating some of the structural systems. Our team performed several field investigations including some destructive exploration to determine the extent of the damage to the structure and to determine a course of action to repair and reinforce the structure to meet the current structural demands.

The basement was renovated and is now used primarily for storage. The existing first floor and second floor structural beams were reinforced and the second floor and roof diaphragms were anchored to the exterior walls.  Shotcrete was added to the interior surface of existing exterior walls.  The exterior brick was reinforced with a structural building mesh called “quakewrap”.  This project involved a two-story, 28’ x 20’ stair/elevator addition at the Southwest and a 20’ x 10’ egress stair addition at the North.  The existing front (South) facade was completely rebuilt.

L.R. Kimball also provided architectural and engineering services for the conversion of an existing two-story retail/office building with a basement into office space for the Boy Scouts of America on the first floor and apartments on the second floor.

These buildings required extensive structural investigation and renovations to bring the buildings up to current building code provisions.

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