About Planning Plus

Do you lose sleep over the serious issues that confront your institution? Dwindling student demographics, shrinking revenue, changing attitudes toward higher education, anemic endowments, and exploding administrative costs seem commonplace these days; higher education faces broad and daunting challenges and pressures from all directions.

As cataclysmic events occur and tectonic shifts in populations and attitudes evolve, new thinking, new paradigms, and innovative approaches are formed. How do these new ideas intersect, what do they influence, and where does that leave your institution?

Our group, Planning Plus, is composed of highly accomplished professionals from academia, finance, real estate, and architecture and planning, all of whom have focused their professional lives on higher education. We have helped other institutions develop new ways of framing issues, and expand thinking beyond rote responses, to develop solutions that are not simply outside the box, but that frequently create new boxes altogether.


Strategic Visioning & Planning

Strategic Visioning and Planning is vital for any College’s long-term success. Administrators and planners undertake a conscientious, comprehensive, systematic review of many campus issues, data points and components in order to have a clear vision for the direction of that campus.

Our team, seasoned from decades of prior campus planning assignments, brings the level of mastery required for this effort on any campus. Our established, organized and systematic approach to planning makes the Strategic and Visioning process a seamless one for any College or University to undertake.

Real Estate, Facilities Assessment & Opportunities

A whole building or whole campus facility condition assessment gives owners an analytical overview of their current or future assets. This big picture view is useful for master planning, whether for facility upgrades, renovations, or expansions, business function changes or relocations.

Our dedicated team of real estate experts, architects, and engineers will collect empirical condition assessment data, which we use to create customized solutions for your campus. We collaborate with you to develop processes designed to capitalize on existing information and knowledge and tailored to each of your unique needs.

Curriculum Program & Development

Curriculum enables us to make sense of our lives and of the world surrounding us. Individuals use curriculum with varying degrees of intentionality to interpret events, to deepen their understanding of what they learn and, and to create a shared experience for teaching and learning.

Our team is able to navigate today’s shifting ideas of curriculum, focusing on and designing innovative education programs while identifying strategies and resources to fund successful programs while increasing student retention, learning outcomes and research opportunities.

Community & Corporate Engagement

A solid Community engagement partnership not only addresses societal concerns and contributes to the public good, but also enhances teaching, learning, and research, preparing students to be engaged citizens.

Our team is expert at identifying and facilitating relationships that can support organizations seeking to create sustainable, mutually-beneficial, and impactful partnerships that address critical challenges facing our communities and institutions. We act as facilitators for the necessary conversations and help develop the strategies the create new partnerships and assess existing partnerships.

Our Team

Planning Plus has created a symbiotic partnership among experienced architects/planners, two former college presidents, and a national commercial real estate firm active in education, healthcare and the workplace environment – offering synergies of experience and a combined approach to assess and evaluate the institutional challenges cited above. Planning Plus is comprised of:

  • L.R. Kimball – providing facilities assessment type, size, condition, suitability
  • Presidential Partners- provides expertise in college operations, administrative functions, finance, personnel, academic programs, brand identity and market presence.
  • Colliers International- offers an assessment of campus real estate to determine its ability to generate revenue through divestiture/sale, leasing to outside users, or demolition, to clear under-utilized campus land.

Frequently, a fresh perspective, outside the immediate crucible of day-to-day, semester-to-semester imperatives can uncover previously unthought-of solutions. That is our goal and our service.

For more information please visit:  https://planningplus.org/