Great projects need great people. Join our team.

At L.R. Kimball, we value our people and their talent in our organization. Our employees
are the drivers for our long-standing success. Not only do we hire and seek experienced
individuals, we also look for candidates that can grow and develop within our organization.

We offer our employees opportunities to work on multiple projects with Fortune 500 clients,
encourages obtaining and maintaining professional certifications and provides employees
with the ability to work closely with the top experts in our field.


“I respect the open and honest communication of our staff.  Further, employees’ efforts are truly appreciated by management.  Several clients have provided unsolicited praise of our efforts and performance.  I have many new friends and colleagues at L.R. Kimball.”
David Williams, PE, Sr. Transportation Engineering Manager
“What attracted me the most to L.R. Kimball were the people, the culture created by them, and the opportunity to expand my knowledge as a future Architect. Since my first day on the job, I’ve noticed that my colleagues have created an atmosphere that makes it fun and easy to learn new things through a collaboration with Architecture and Engineering disciplines. They care about your growth not only in your career but in your personal life as well. It is for these reasons that I continue to work at L.R. Kimball.”
Brandon Smith, RA, Architect
“My favorite part about working at L.R. Kimball is our PEOPLE.  We work hard, we laugh, we work through tough deadlines – together.  I feel lucky to work with such amazing, talented people who build each other up every day so that both our team and our clients can be successful.”
Renee Schoop, Marketing Director
“I’ve always been drawn to the project management aspects of the design process, it is exciting to see the project go from an idea to reality.”
Diane Glarrow, AIA, Project Manager
“First and foremost, the main reason I love working here at LRK are the people.  Everyone is so nice and considerate and helpful.  We pull together as a team to satisfy our customers, get projects out the door, and solve problems.  You’re not left out on a limb by yourself when an issue arises, the team has your back and offers all their professional knowledge to help in the solution.  I also like the atmosphere here, while very professional, it is laid back and that helps relieve the stress of a forty-hour workweek.  All in all, this is the best company I have ever worked for (and I’ve been around the block a few times).  Everyone from management to coworkers treats you with respect and professionalism.”
Herb Oldham, Sr. Designer
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We work collaboratively with clients and embrace a “one team” attitude that helps us anticipate and resolve project opportunities and challenges.