We were very proud to be a part of the team to bring this award winning Project from Planning and Programming to Fruition.  The purpose of this Project was to enable the Reading Regional Airport Authority to meet the requirements stipulated in FAA FAR Part § 139.335 Public protection, the design standards stated in FAA AC 150/5360-13 – Planning and Design Guidelines for Airport Terminal Facilities, wildlife deterrent requirements stated in FAA Cert Alert 04-16 Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing, and the material requirements specified in FAA AC 150/5370-10G, Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports, Part 8 – Fencing.  This Project required for the removal and replacement of the existing airport security fencing, access control gates, as well as the existing Security Management System (SMS) that was no longer manufactured or supported.

This project was for the complete removal and replacement of over 29,000 lineal feet of non-standard perimeter fencing on airport owned property with black coated ten-foot (10’) chain link security fencing with three stands of barbed wire. A total of nine (9) automatic vehicular gates of varying sizes and either card reader or keypad activation were removed and replaced with new gates. A total of twelve (12) pedestrian gates, utilizing push button, card reader or keypad activation were replaced across the airport. The project also included the removal of a total of nineteen (19) manual gates of varying sizes and the installation of eighteen (18) new gates used for maintenance access purposes. The existing security access control system, installed in 1999 to control accessibility through the various automatic gates, was no longer supported by the manufacturer. It was replaced with a new, integrated Security Management System (SMS) which included the replacement of ten (10) original analog security cameras with twelve (12) new, digital cameras, tied to the SMS’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for security playback capability.   The project was completed in 208 calendar days and came in under the construction budget at a cost of $1,793,585.26.

With the successful completion of this Project, the travelers of Berks County can be assured of a safe and secure traveling experience while using their Reading Regional Airport.