Your project is our focus.

Founded more than a half-century ago, L.R. Kimball, a division of CDI Engineering Solutions, is recognized as one of the nation’s leading architecture and engineering firms offering multi-disciplinary services to a diverse range of public and private-sector clients.

L.R. Kimball is headquartered in Pennsylvania with additional offices in Louisiana, Michigan, Texas, and West Virginia.

Fast Facts

Our “one team” attitude helps us anticipate
and  resolve project opportunities and challenges.

Successful projects flow seamlessly from phase to phase and require an integrated, full-service approach. L.R. Kimball’s holistic approach provides our clients with a better return on their capital investment. Because we work collaboratively – not in silos – our team sees the big picture and understands the interconnectivity of every decision. This results in a faster design cycle, thoroughly coordinated technical documents and reduced risk of cost or schedule overruns.

Most importantly, we collaborate with our clients – making them an integral part of our teams. The success of our projects rests firmly on our ability to listen to you, understand your needs and align our services with your goals every step of the way. This multi-disciplinary approach is how L.R. Kimball delivers extraordinary results for our clients.

Diversity Equality and Inclusiveness

Our CDI SPIRIT is the differentiator for our success. This SPIRIT defines our Core Values and emphasizes our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness. 3 of our values: People Focused, Respect and Teamwork, specifically address this commitment. We encourage diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization and celebrate our employees’ varied backgrounds, experiences and knowledge. Our leadership is committed to our approach and we provide continuous development opportunities through Code of Conduct and other leadership and employee training. We encourage the participation in community inclusiveness programs. We celebrate and award individuals who exemplify our SPIRIT Core Values through our Stellar SPIRIT Awards. We are compliant with federal and local requirements for affirmative action plans and other programs. We continue to pledge our commitment and expectation to our employees, our clients and our communities to create and foster a diverse, equality and inclusive culture within our organization. Employees should contact their manager, Human Resources or the dedicated code of conduct hotline to anonymous report issues.

Code of Conduct

Everyone connected with the CDI organization is expected to foster a culture in which legal and ethical conduct is recognized, practiced and valued by all – all the time. As part of this commitment, everyone connected with CDI is required to:

  • Obey all laws, rules and regulations that apply to our business.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal interests.
  • Treat all employees in accordance with fair employment practices.
  • Be honest and fair in all business activities with customers, vendors and
  • Endeavor to have all employees work in a safe environment.

This Code of Conduct sets out general principles of conduct. A series of Conduct Policies provides more specific guidance on what constitutes acceptable behavior.

Adherence to this Code of Conduct and all related Conduct Policies is required of all directors, officers, employees, consultants, vendors and representatives of companies in the organization. Failure to read the Code or the Conduct Policies or to sign an acknowledgment form agreeing to abide by their terms does not exempt anyone from the obligation to comply with the Code and the Conduct Policies.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct or any of the Conduct Policies, requests another person to do so, fails to report a possible violation of the Code or Conduct Policies or retaliates against anyone who does report such a possible violation will be subject to disciplinary action by CDI. This disciplinary action may include termination of employment or, if the violator is a director, consultant, vendor or representative, termination of that relationship.

Everyone subject to this Code of Conduct is responsible for reporting suspected violations of this Code or any of the Conduct Policies. Suspected violations are to be reported to an employee’s supervisor, CDI’s Human Resources Department, CDI’s Chief Compliance Officer, CDI’s Legal Department, the Board of Directors of CDI Ultimate Holdings, LLC, or by calling the Code of Conduct Hotline (215-636-1116) or sending an e-mail to

Any waiver of any provision of the Code or a Conduct Policy for directors or executive officers may only be made by the Board of Directors of the applicable CDI company.

We work collaboratively with clients and embrace a “one team” attitude that helps us anticipate and resolve project opportunities and challenges.