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Founded more than a half-century ago, L.R. Kimball, a division of TranSystems, is recognized as one of the nation’s leading architecture and engineering firms offering multi-disciplinary services to a diverse range of public and private-sector clients.

L.R. Kimball is headquartered in Ebensburg, PA with additional offices in Pittsburgh, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; and State College, PA.

Fast Facts

Our “one team” attitude helps us anticipate
and  resolve project opportunities and challenges.

Successful projects flow seamlessly from phase to phase and require an integrated, full-service approach. L.R. Kimball’s holistic approach provides our clients with a better return on their capital investment. Because we work collaboratively – not in silos – our team sees the big picture and understands the interconnectivity of every decision. This results in a faster design cycle, thoroughly coordinated technical documents and reduced risk of cost or schedule overruns.

Most importantly, we collaborate with our clients – making them an integral part of our teams. The success of our projects rests firmly on our ability to listen to you, understand your needs and align our services with your goals every step of the way. This multi-disciplinary approach is how L.R. Kimball delivers extraordinary results for our clients.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness

TranSystems believes that to be its best, we need to represent the communities we serve to provide the best, most innovative work. Our Diversity Action Council is a focused team aimed at helping us improve the ways in which we recruit, retain and develop our staff in a multitude of ways. Supported by the entire firm, these efforts strive to do what’s both best for business and what’s best for our people.

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We work collaboratively with clients and embrace a “one team” attitude that helps us anticipate and resolve project opportunities and challenges.