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From technology to operations to staffing, L.R. Kimball provides emergency operations solutions to improve efficiency and expedite response times.

A Complete Range of Services

Our range of services includes staffing and management studies, business process reviews, technology acquisition and implementation, and facility assessments, planning, programming and design.

With L.R. Kimball as a partner, our clients can: 

  • Maintain a consistent, long-term focus on staffing 
  • Create a sustainable organizational structure for their public safety operation 
  • Experience a better procurement experience 
  • Implement a technology solution tailored to fit their exact needs 
  • Develop a more secure, reliable, sustainable, ergonomic and modern emergency communications center environment

Helping Your Communications Center Operate More Efficiently

Staffing Solutions

In today’s demanding and fast-paced emergency communications environment, staffing remains a consistent struggle for communication center directors. We deliver staffing optimization solutions that consider call volumes, technology, growing needs and economic conditions to help clients hire and retain top talent and transform their communications center.

Technology Consulting

L.R. Kimball’s technology and implementation assistance helps maximize the client’s technology investment for public safety technologies and software such as computer aided dispatch (CAD), automatic vehicle location (AVL) and other automated systems.

Consolidation Planning

The firm offers a 360° approach to public safety consolidation that revolves around our clients’ needs and is based on a holistic approach to emergency communications. Our services include consolidation studies, planning and implementation support.

Other operational services from L.R. Kimball include: 

  • Facilities assessments 
  • Planning, programming and design 
  • Management studies and business process reviews
More than 55 Former Public Safety Professionals
More than 65% of the L.R. Kimball employees working on public safety projects are former emergency communications professionals such as 9-1-1 directors, law enforcement officials or communications center experts.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

L.R. Kimball is currently conducting wildlife hazard assessments on two (2) airports, which include monthly surveys, as well as quarterly surveys. The monthly surveys consist of time counts and runway crossing counts at established observation points within the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) to document wildlife activity on-site, as well as time counts of wildlife activity at established observation points that are outside of the AOA but within the regular flight paths of the airports. In addition, supplemental monthly data is provided through incidental wildlife observations, wildlife camera deployments, operations staff observations, etc. Q... Read More

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