Water and Wastewater

For more than 50 years, L.R. Kimball has been the firm that municipalities, industries and regional water authorities turn to as they wrestle with aging infrastructure, tightening regulations, complex water supply issues and effective water management.

A Team Approach

Combining expertise with discipline, our teams of engineers, planners, grant writers, surveyors, GIS analysts, geologists and biologists are recognized for solutions that fund much-needed improvements, protect water quality and optimize treatment processes.

Project-Specific Strategies

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we help clients overcome even the toughest water and wastewater challenges.

Whether a client needs to manage a few thousand gallons per day or millions of gallons every few hours, organizations can depend on our dedicated and experienced experts to deliver the highest levels of service and value.

Our in-house water and wastewater services include:

  • Facilities design
    • Water and wastewater facilities
    • Collection and treatment plants
    • Reservoir/dam design and inspection 
  • Water storage and distribution planning and design 
  • Surface and ground water source investigations 
  • Hydrologic and hydrogeologic modeling 
  • NPDES permit preparation 
  • GIS – Surveying and mapping 
  • Permitting 
  • Operations and maintenance programs 
  • Asset management 
  • Investigations and Analyses
    • CSO studies and permitting
    • Flow monitoring studies and recommendations
    • Smoke and dye testing
    • Video inspection
    • Corrective action plans
    • Alternatives analyses 
  • Biosolids handling programming
    • Land application
    • Incineration
    • Landfill disposal 
  • Project Financing and Funding Assistance
    • Grant writing
Targeted Results. Expertly Managed.
"The Borough has truly benefited from its partnership with L.R. Kimball. Their expertise in water and wastewater management has helped us overcome excessive flow challenges, more than doubled our MGD peak flow and saved us thousands of dollars in utility, transportation and disposal costs. We strongly recommend them." - Daniel L. Penatzer, Borough Manager, Borough of Ebensburg