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The L.R. Kimball Resource Center contains a rich library of documents and multimedia resources. Here you'll find industry-leading ideas and approaches to the challenges our clients face.
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L.R. Kimball expert elected president of the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania. video L.R. Kimball expert elected president of the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania.
L.R. Kimball expert, Rick Holes, was elected president of the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania.
DATE: 12/14/10
L.R. Kimball expert talks safe transportation to school. video L.R. Kimball expert talks safe transportation to school.
L.R. Kimball expert, Sydney Kaikai, talks safe transportation to school.
DATE: 12/14/10
L.R. Kimball expert talks NPDES discharge limits. video L.R. Kimball expert talks NPDES discharge limits.
L.R. Kimball expert, Cameron Mock, talks NPDES discharge limits.
DATE: 12/14/10
L.R. Kimball expert talks benefits to clients video L.R. Kimball expert talks benefits to clients
Cameron Mock discusses L.R. Kimball's benefits to clients.
DATE: 12/14/10
L.R. Kimball Expert Talks K-12 video L.R. Kimball Expert Talks K-12
K-12 Market Segment Leader, John Hummel, explains how L.R. Kimball offers value to our education clients.
DATE: 11/03/10
Video: In Our Own Words - The L.R. Kimball Way video Video: In Our Own Words - The L.R. Kimball Way
Listen to one of our staff members talk about our core values.
DATE: 07/14/10
Video: Communications Technology Client Remarks video Video: Communications Technology Client Remarks
An L.R. Kimball client from Washington State speaks of his positive experience with a Next Generation 9-1-1 project and thanks L.R. Kimball project team members for a job well done.
DATE: 07/14/10
Video: Public Safety video Video: Public Safety
Our subject matter expert Josh Clemente discusses public safety. Learn about how L.R. Kimball's guidance is helping to transform the public safety industry.
DATE: 07/09/10
Video: Cyber Security video Video: Cyber Security
9-1-1 Agencies are implementing more advanced and complex networks. To counteract the increased risk of viruses, hackers and denials of service, watch our subject matter expert Jeremy Smith to learn how to take a long, hard look at your cyber security plans.
DATE: 07/09/10
Video: Public Safety Consolidation video Video: Public Safety Consolidation
L.R. Kimball has helped more than 20 agencies across the country consider public safety consolidation. Learn more about our approach from our subject matter expert Mike Fischel.
DATE: 07/09/10


PDF Document K-12 Natural Gas Funding
K-12 Natural Gas School Funding
DATE: 09/30/13
PDF Document Flaugherty Run Bridge Replacement
For nearly 90 years, Flaugherty Run Bridge carried vehicular traffic over SR 3089 in Moon Township, Allegheny County, PA. By 2008 the bridge was in serious disrepair. Learn about the project undertaken to replace the bridge in our case study.
DATE: 03/04/13
PDF Document Carrie Furnace
Learn how L.R. Kimball redesigned Carrie Furnace
DATE: 11/28/12
PDF Document General Environmental Issues for Permitting of Pipelines
Development of major facilities, such as natural gas collection and transmission facilities, requires obtaining authorizations and permits from Federal, state and local governmental entities responsible for the protection of commerce, human health and the environment. this document presents the background, services required and capabilities
DATE: 03/27/12
PDF Document Key Elements of HR 3630 Impacting Public Safety: T-Band (470 - 512 MHz) Giveback
Section 6103 of the legislation requires giveback of UHF T-Band spectrum by Public Safety licensees. The language in the legislation indicates the spectrum must be reallocated no later than nine years after enactment of the legislation, with relocation of users to be completed two years after the spectrum is competitively bid. The expectation
DATE: 03/22/12
PDF Document Shared 9-1-1 Services in Pennsylvania: Regional collaboration as an interim step towards NG9-1-1
In today's economy making smart, effective use of limited funds, while still preparing for NG9-1-1, is critical. PA PSAPs, like many others across the USA, are faced with a dilemma. Many NG9-1-1 technologies (e.g. Text to 9-1-1) are not yet fully available and some states haven't implemented ESInets -- Pennsylvania included. However, vendors who
DATE: 02/28/12
PDF Document GIS Planning for PSAP Operations: Data Accuracy and the Risks of Not Knowing Your Data
Learn where data accuracy issues can exist within GIS datasets, common trouble-spots, the importance of data standards for accuracy and quality control, risks of not knowing the accuracy of your data, and steps to consider in improving GIS data.
DATE: 02/27/12
PDF Document Procurement Support and Implementation Oversight
Today’s Public Safety systems are more complex than ever and often involve networked solutions that require implementing new technology. Procurement support and implementation oversight services can be a valuable and cost effective resource to make sure you purchase the right solution and implement it correctly.
DATE: 02/27/12
PDF Document The GIS Data Challenge -- GIS Planning for PSAP Operations
GIS data is a vital component to the 9-1-1 system and will become even more important with the arrival of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). This white paper addresses data accuracy issues that can exist within GIS datasets and offers steps to consider in improving GIS data.
DATE: 02/27/12

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

L.R. Kimball is currently conducting wildlife hazard assessments on two (2) airports, which include monthly surveys, as well as quarterly surveys. The monthly surveys consist of time counts and runway crossing counts at established observation points within the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) to document wildlife activity on-site, as well as time counts of wildlife activity at established observation points that are outside of the AOA but within the regular flight paths of the airports. In addition, supplemental monthly data is provided through incidental wildlife observations, wildlife camera deployments, operations staff observations, etc. Q... Read More

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