Where did the stormwater funding in PA go?


We recently released a press release encouraging our clients and the water resources community to become familiar with recent changes made by the state legislature that are compelling counties and municipalities across the Commonwealth to take a different approach to stormwater management.  Beginning July 1, 2010 at the state of Pennsylvania’s 2011 fiscal year, this Act 167’s funding was vetoed from the state budget

If you are not familiar with Act 167, it was originally passed in 1978 and was fueled by increased urbanization occurring across the Commonwealth.  Its original intent was to reimburse up to 75 percent of the costs required to create and maintain a stormwater management plan.

Stormwater management plans help communities mitigate increases in stormwater runoff and the risks associated with downstream flooding caused by urbanization.  In Pennsylvania specifically, these plans formerly set a standard for developers to maintain baseline hydrologic conditions.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

L.R. Kimball is currently conducting wildlife hazard assessments on two (2) airports, which include monthly surveys, as well as quarterly surveys. The monthly surveys consist of time counts and runway crossing counts at established observation points within the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) to document wildlife activity on-site, as well as time counts of wildlife activity at established observation points that are outside of the AOA but within the regular flight paths of the airports. In addition, supplemental monthly data is provided through incidental wildlife observations, wildlife camera deployments, operations staff observations, etc. Q... Read More

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